Commercial Customers

We know the automobile business can be tough, but we exist to ensure you do not have to worry about having your inventory on hand. Let us transport your vehicle(s) whether you are buying from an auction or moving cars from a separate lot. We are here to ease your stress and get your vehicles transported safely and timely.

Corporate Relocations- You find your perfect employee, and we will get their vehicle to their new location.

Moving Agents- Let us be your dedicated hauler for your customers that are moving.

Fleet Services- Want BHDrive to handle all your transportation needs required for building and maintaining your fleet? We can help.

Dealerships- Want to move your vehicles to a different dealership or the new owner, that is what we do!

Van Lines- We can join your large multi-state network of moving companies to assist in moving your customers vehicle (s).

Please make your quote request as accurate as possible to avoid any quote adjustments, delays or cancellations.